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Youth Counseling

Mental Health Counselling

At TCE, we offer counselling to those people who need help to solve their own emotional, social, personal or interpersonal problems. We offer guidance and look to your problems in an objective way. This service involves the exploration problems in an environment that is both supportive and objective. It also involves the identification of alternative courses of action that might solve a problem. TCE will suggests strategies for managing and altering patterns of upsetting thoughts, feelings and behaviour.

We offer the following counselling services:

1. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)


Home visit/Online/Walk-in within the Hertfordshire Area Only

  • Assessment/Consultation - 1 Hour - £50.00

  • Appointment - 1 Hour -                      £60.00

*£50 redeemable on counselling session

Mental Health Counselling: Services
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