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Personal training and Nutrition

Through this service, our personal training team will create a one-on-one fitness & nutrition programme for yourself, in addition to provide support of helping, motivating and guiding you into achieving your goals successfully throughout the process.

At TCE, we also offer monthly/weekly check-ins to see the progression of your work, provide advice, and offer one-on-one training sessions to ensure you are carrying out the exercise/workout in a correct way & form.

You will be able to choose from a wide range of services depending on your requirements such as:-

1. Fat Burning
2. Muscle Building
3. Bodybuilding
4. Weight Loss
5. Flexibility
6. Six Pack Abs
7. Posing
8. Strength and Conditioning
9. Nutrition and Supplementation
10. Booty Building



Gyms within the Hertfordshire Area Only

  • Gym Workout:               1 Hour           £40.00

  • Diet Programme:          One off         £120.00

  • Gym & Diet Package:   Per Month   £250.00*

  • Online training:             Per Month    £120.00

    *One gym workout/session per week


Personal Training & Nutrition: Services
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